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The Family Book for the towns of Deutsch-Etschka – Sigmundfeld – Rudolfsgnad is out of print. 
A CD-ROM with all the data of the Family Book and supplements will be introduced on September 15
th 2001 at the 15th. Rudolfsgnad Reunion in Leutenbach/Germany.

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 Kirchner, Barbara. E: Rudolfsgnad the vanished village/(Rudolfsgnad-Das verschwundene Dorf). 1990s, Sersheim, Oswald Hartmann, Publisher. 58 pages, 16.-DM ISBN  3-925921-35-4.


Kirchner, Johann. E: Monograph of Rudolfsgnad/(Monographie von Rudolfsgnad) 1891, Zrenjanin, Published by the community board of directors/(Von der Gemeinde-Vorstehung) Copy, 212 pages


Lehmann, Anton. E: Chronicle of the German-Banat military border community 1866-1966. Published for the 100 year celebration of the community of Rudolfsgnad, 1966 Schwenningen and Leutenbach, 163 pages and pictures/ (Chronik der deutsch-banater Militaer-Grenzgemeinde 1866-1966, Hrsg. zur 100-Jahrfeier der Gemeinde Rudolfsgnad).


Loeschardt, Ferdinand. E: Two speeches, given at the occasion of the founding of Rudolfsgnad in the royal and imperial German-Banat 12th Border Regiment/(Zwei Reden, gehalten bei der Gelegenheit der Gruendung von Rudolfsgnad im k.u.k. Deutschbanater 12. Grenz-Regiment). 1866, Zrenjanin, publisher unknown.


Author unknown. E: Monograph of the community of Rudolfsgnad in the Torontal comitat in the disbanded military border/(Monographie der Gemeinde Rudolfsgnad im Torontaler Comitate in der aufgeloesten Militaergrenze). 1891, Zrenjanin, publisher unknown. 195 pages.

 Baron Hoechster

       Source of data:

1."Monograph of the municipality Rudolfsgnad" 1891

    Published change of the community executive committee, Gross- Betschkerek 1891


2."Rudolfsgnad" 1866 - 1966

       Chronicle of a German-Banat military border municipality, by Dr. Anton Lehmann, published by the local committee Rudolfsgnad in Schwenningen at the Neckar River for the occasion of the homeland reunion on July 16 and 17, 1966 in the sister municipality Leutenbach near Stuttgart.


3."The fate of the Germans in Yugoslavia"

      Documentation of the expulsion of the Germans from east Central Europe. Volume V. published by the former Federal Ministry for banished, refugees and war-damaged. Publisher: Weltbild Verlag GmbH, Augsburg 1994, ISBN 3-89350-697-7, First publication 1961  (Erstveroeffentlichung 1961)  

4."Suffering of the Germans in communist Yugoslavia"

Publisher: Danube-Swabian cultural grant, Munich 1994


5."Rudolfsgnad, the village of my childhood"

Author and publisher: Lorenz Baron 73230 Kirchheim/Teck Jesingen Publishing house: Eugen Publishing House, Munich


6."Rudolfsgnad - excerpts from history of Rudolfsgnad"

Summary by Michael Hoechster  

7."Stories from Rudolfsgnad-in Schwowisch"(Local dialect)

By Michael Hoechster, 43856 Kriftel  


8.Family book of Towns

Deutsch-Etschka Sigmundfeld and Rudolfsgnad              

By Philipp Lung               

Order: Philipp Lung, Schwarzaweg 18, D-78054 Villingen-Schweningen Price: Dm 80.  + SH  


      (Book is now out of Print will be replaced by 

        CD-A available after September 15 th.1999)


Genealogical and historical associations

Genealogical societies    

- AkdFF (working group of Danube-Swabian family researchers) ensures support in all questions of Danube-Swabian genealogy. An on-line Data- base gives information on members, surnames and places. One can search in the FOKO Database of Arthur Teschler or in ftp the 269 KB DBASE file (working results of the AKdff).

 - AgoFF working group of East German family researchers whose Danube-Swabian research center has control over some sources and publications.  

Historical associations

- Institute for Danube-Swabian history and regional studies, Mohlstr. 18, D-72074 Tübingen, Germany Tel. 07171,2002514, FAX 07071-2002535

 - Workshop for Danube-Swabian homeland and national research,             Dr. Heiss-Str. 38, D-94315 Straubing, Germany

 - Southeast German historical commission, Mohlstr. 18, D-72074 Tübingen, Germany  

Other associations and societies

- Federation of Danube-Swabian national societies in Germany

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